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Some people are surprised to learn that at Jordan Bedding & Furniture Gallery we also sell a line of furnishings including living room, bedroom, headboards, occasional chairs and recliners. Thus the “Furniture Gallery” at the end of our business name.

Then they ask, “Do you make the furniture too?”.  We do not make the furniture, but at Jordan Bedding & Furniture we strive to source the best suppliers and vendors we can.  We want the quality of our vendors in furniture to reflect the same values and excellence that our customers have come to expect of our mattresses.  Today I would like to focus on one of those vendors with a great name–Best Home Furnishings.

Best Home Furnishings is your best choice for living room furnishings

What makes Best Home Furnishings so special?  First of all it is still family run in Indiana.  It was started by two outstanding craftsmen in 1962.  So it has been in business almost as long as Jordan Bedding & Furniture Gallery!  Also, being made in the USA, it supports over 850 hard-working, highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in paying attention to details and building furniture that lives up to its name. I think that is admirable, don’t you?  So when you buy Best Home Furnishings chairs, sofas, or recliners, you are a part of a legacy.  Legacy is something the Jordan family appreciates and values.

Here is another good reason.  I love their products!  Love them!  Love Best Home Furnishing so much that I put their furniture in my own home. Check it out. Totally replaced all of the furniture in my den with Best Home Furnishings furniture.  Why do I love them? Here are some reasons:

I could go on an on, but I invite you to come in today and check out the selection.  Are you looking for that perfect sofa group?  How about power recline?  I love power recline!  I mean who wants to work to recline? (Don’t judge me 🙂 Look at these power recliners! How about a cute occasional chair that swivels?!  Peruse the choices at Best Home Furnishings and see if there is anything you like.  We have some in stock and can order whatever style you find.

Before you make your next purchase in furniture or mattresses–remember to check out the store that customers recommend over and over–Jordan Bedding & Furniture Gallery!  Our family appreciates your consideration!