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Buy BEST HOME Furniture at the Best Mattress Store

How to purchase Best Living room furnishings

Some people are surprised to learn that at Jordan Bedding & Furniture Gallery we also sell a line of furnishings including living room, bedroom, headboards, occasional chairs and recliners. Thus the “Furniture Gallery” at the end of our business name. Then they ask, “Do you make the furniture too?”.  We do not make the furniture, […]

Investing In Sleep Brings Large Returns

Exhausted and trying to get sleep

There are few guaranteed investments in life.  But one is guaranteed to make you a better person, more successful in your endeavors, and happier.  That is investing in sleep. According to the NIH ( National Institute of Health), getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality […]

Family Room Makeover

How I Made Over Our Family Room with New Paint and Furniture. So I was sick recently (weren’t we all) and spent quite a lot of time going between my bed and the family room.  As I lay in my family room staring at various Netflix and Acorn shows, I thought about my family room […]

Support Small Local Businesses-Shop your Local Mattress Store

shop small mattress stores

You should always invest in new shoes, new underwear, and a new mattress……Buddy Jordan, Founder of Jordan Bedding (Jordan Mattress) I love to shop online.  Why? Cause I’m a homebody.  I love the idea of buying something and having it show up at my door.  But some things are just not the same shopping online–like….buying […]

Adjustable Bases are For Everyone

Adjustable Base

Let’s face it-bedrooms aren’t just bedrooms anymore. Bedrooms have become an extension of our living room or den. Despite advice to the contrary, many of us use our bedrooms as our office, TV viewing room, reading room, computer room, etc. What is one way to make our bedroom more comfortable while doing these tasks?—enter the […]

Please Lie Down on the Mattress!

Jordan Mattress Comfort Guarantee

This weekend hundreds of mattress stores will be vying for your business.  At Jordan Bedding it has always been my goal to educate consumers about how to find the best mattress for them no matter where they shop.  Of course I prefer you buy from us, but at least if you listen to my tips […]

Flipping Mattresses

two sided pillow top

Does it matter whether you can flip your mattress completely over? Most mattresses on the market today are one-sided or “no flip” mattress. A typical conversation with a salesperson might go like: “Two sided mattresses are out of date–Now you don’t have to flip your mattress over,” Salesperson Customer: “Well what if it starts showing […]

Jordan Mattresses Save You Money

Jordan Mattress savings

When comparing the quality and workmanship in a Jordan Mattress to the plethora of models out there you will begin to understand how much we save customers on a daily basis.  Our everyday prices are hundreds, in some cases thousands less than similar models sold by “name” brands.  Why can we do that?  Because we […]

How to Shop for a Mattress

How to shop for a matttress

  People who come in the shop to look for a mattress fall into different categories.  There are the ones who walk around the store with their arms crossed as if to say “Don’t talk to me-I’ll talk to you.”-usually because they hate high pressure sales and are scared.  Then there are the ones who […]