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Does it matter whether you can flip your mattress completely over? Most mattresses on the market today are one-sided or “no flip” mattress. A typical conversation with a salesperson might go like:
“Two sided mattresses are out of date–Now you don’t have to flip your mattress over,” Salesperson
Customer: “Well what if it starts showing where I lay.”
Salesperson: “Simple just turn the mattress around.”
Customer: “You mean around in a circle.”
Salesperson: “Well yes haha, except a mattress is usually a rectangle.”
A two sided “flippable” mattress
A two sided “flippable” mattress
Customer: “Won’t that just mean I’m lying in the same spot my partner was lying in.”
Salesperson: ” Kind of.”
Customer: “How will that help the mattress last.”
Salesperson: “um–no one turns mattresses over anymore. There’s no such thing as a two sided mattress.”
Ummm–guess what, that’s not true. The story of the invention of one sided innerspring mattresses is a long one, but basically it was brought about by a few things. Several years ago a certain name brand was struggling. In fact it went into bankruptcy. To cut costs it adopted a marketing scheme to convince customers that one sided mattresses were great! Hey no one liked turning those heavy suckers over anyway. So let’s see—now that name brand manufacturer could make customers feel like they were making something special and save all that money not putting padding on one side of the mattress. Well people loved the idea. Pretty soon most mattress manufacturers followed suit.
The majority of mattresses now sold by stores are one sided. The thing is one of the major things customers worry about are body impressions and a change of feel of the mattress. Now just a note on body impressions–All mattresses will get them. Unless we make a mattress out of concrete there will be some impression. Now can we keep them from being noticeable or changing comfort of mattress? Yes, a well crafted mattress is made to resist deep body impressions. That’s why we put so much work into handcrafting and anchoring padding into place in our mattresses. However, most manufacturers of one sided mattresses allow for extreme body impressions in their mattresses before any warranty kicks into use. Read the fine print-some allow 2 1/2 inches or more. Why? Because they have done away with the ability to completely turn the mattress over. Think of it like rotating tires. If you don’t rotate your tires will they last as long? No. The tread will mainly wear in one spot. If you don’t turn your mattress the padding is being compressed in one spot. If you turn over the mattress the padding on both sides will compress more evenly. Now buying a two sided mattress isn’t the only thing you should do to find a quality mattress. It also has to be made well with good materials like high quality foam, cotton, well made innersprings, and a good foundation and support system.
Now does that mean we don’t make a one sided mattress ever? No. Our memory foam mattresses are one sided because that is a different kind of mattress construction, but we happily still offer two sided inner spring mattresses. Come check us out. We have replaced many sad one sided mattresses for our customers

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