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People who come in the shop to look for a mattress fall into different categories.  There are the ones who walk around the store with their arms crossed as if to say “Don’t talk to me-I’ll talk to you.”-usually because they hate high pressure sales and are scared.  Then there are the ones who only look at the prices. Price is an important consideration, but not the most important.  There are the patters: people who pat every mattress as though that will help them decide.  Some get a little more daring and are the pushers-they take both hands and push up and down on the mattress.  Mattress shopping can be overwhelming of course, but since this purchase affects your well being it is important to come armed with good shopping tips.

  1. Talk to a mattress expert rather than a commissioned sales person. Talk to someone who knows exactly how mattresses are put together.  At Jordan Bedding we can show you all of the mattress components and you can  see the steps to making a quality mattress.
  2.  Buy a two-sided innerspring  mattress.  One sided or “no-flip” saves mattress manufacturers money because they make half a mattress.  Two sides will last longer than one. Memory foam is the exception to this.
  3. Coil count does matter.  Many mattress manufacturers tell you that the only thing that matters is the coil gauge count.  This is misleading because the number of coils and the number of turns in the coil have a direct bearing on the comfort level and durability of the mattress.
  4. Firmer  is not always better and neither is softer for that matter.
  5. If you sleep with a partner, take them with you even if they say it doesn’t     matter to them what mattress you buy.      You still need to know how the mattress feels when two people lie     on it.
  6. Wear comfortable clothing and slip on shoes and don’t be embarrassed to lie     down. Try out every mattress you like briefly and then narrow it down to     two or three.  Try to lie on the     mattress you think you like for five to ten minutes.  If you are still comfortable in that     amount of time it is probably the mattress for you.
  7. Don’t just look at price.  Look at quality of workmanship.
  8. Ask to  see what is inside the mattress exactly.      Many stores have cut outs and at Jordan Bedding we can take yo back in the factory and show you exactly what the components look like.
  9. Don’t second guess yourself.  Usually your     first choice is the mattress you should buy.
  10. For more sleep shopping tips visit www.bettersleep.org.

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