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You should always invest in new shoes, new underwear, and a new mattress……Buddy Jordan, Founder of Jordan Bedding (Jordan Mattress)

I love to shop online.  Why? Cause I’m a homebody.  I love the idea of buying something and having it show up at my door.  But some things are just not the same shopping online–like….buying a car.  I wouldn’t order a car online.  Would I research it online? Of course, I want the best product and the best deal.  I research everything.  Then armed with information I go confidently to my local dealership and test drive the cars I’m interested in buying.  I want to see how the seat feels.  I want to check out the electronics.  I want to smell the new car smell.  And most importantly I want to drive it and make sure it is exactly what I want.  I can speak with some knowledge on this, because I recently bought a car.  I was concerned about the car’s reliability, quality, and of course price.  I also wanted to make sure I am going to get good local service.

Other things I don’t like to buy online….baked goods, special clothing, shoes, ice cream (for obvious reasons), jewelry ……and wait for it – FURNITURE AND MATTRESSES!!

I want to see what that mattress, sofa or recliner feels like before I buy it.  I want to see the wood on the bedroom group and check how the drawers slide.  I want to research, think about and feel the furniture.
“Wait,” you might say, “Don’t you work at the mattress store and furniture store?”
Yes, I do, but when it comes to something for me–I want to have choices and I want to see what works.  And my mattress making husband and I don’t always agree at first.  When I want to change mattresses–which I do sometimes, I want to lie down on it, make my husband try it at the same time, and think about how it fits me.  Guess what–the mattress I liked when I was younger isn’t what I like now.  Why?  Cause I have gotten older (ahem) and my body has changed.  I used to want the softest, now I’m somewhere in between.  I also want to sit in the recliners, look at the fabric choices, sit on the sofas, check out the bedroom furniture, compare them to my decor, and imagine how it will fit in the room.

I’ll bet you’re the same.  When’s the last time you bought a car without looking at it.  Granted some people do, but most want to check it out first.  It’s a big investment.  And your mattress, for example, is one of the only pieces of furniture that will directly affect your health.  You spend at least a third of your life on the mattress.  So here is how I suggest you start–take our quiz.
Read about our mattresses and the specifications.  What is the difference between Latex Foam and Memory Foam?  Is there such a thing as a two sided innerspring mattress or pillow top?  Does it matter?  What about coils? Are foam mattresses better, or are coils still good?  Would I enjoy an adjustable base?  We have a lot of information on our site that you can read before you shop.  Then armed with all of the information–go do your mattress shopping.  When you come here you will find that we are not high pressure, and we want to help you.  We have been doing this as a family since 1958, so we know a thing or two about mattresses.  Also we have great word of mouth  And we are known for great local service.

What about sofas, recliners and furniture? Although we can’t carry every style of fabric in the store, we do have representative models so that you can see the quality and try the comfort level first hand.  Best Home Furnishings features over 700 fabric and leather choices and we have all of the swatches.  And you can design your custom covered sofa on their site, see the swatch in person, try the sofa and chair and then order. Of course we have a variety of styles in stock for quick delivery and pick up.  We also sell Jackson/Catnapper recliners and sofas, and Vaughan-Bassett Bedroom furniture–all of which are made in the USA.  Need help choosing a look?  I LOVE to help people choose a sofa or recliner.  As always you get our awesome local service.

If you still need a reason to shop local businesses like ours.  Consider the warm fuzzy feeling you get by supporting local family businesses and their employees.  We are a family owned mattress factory and furniture store.  And when you support us, we are able to give more support to our local community and other family businesses. Do we really want all of the choices to be the Goliath’s of the internet?  (Wow I really want to visit a bakery right now.)  Come meet us, you will like us.  And this Saturday November 24, is Small Business Saturday. We look forward to meeting you.